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Unbuckle Me

Designed by an Occupational Therapist, UnbuckleMe applies leverage to make it EASY to unbuckle a child's car seat buckle. It helps parents, grandparents and older children who lack thumb strength, or even those with long fingernails. Though you can't attach it to your child's car seat for safety reasons, it's small enough to store anywhere in your car, or attach to a key chain or diaper bag. It is designed to fit around any push-button car seat buckle and has been scientifically tested to reduce the force required by unbuckle by more than 50% on most buckles.


  • Scientifically tested to reduce the force required to unbuckle by more than 50% on most car seat buckles
  • Unique design applies leverage to create mechanical advantage
  • Comfortable, non-slip material. Can be used various ways for maximum comfort to unbuckle.
  • Proven helpful to parents of older children (ages 4+) who want to independently unbuckle, but lack the strength to do so. UnbuckleMe reduces the force required to unbuckle, making it a quick and easy tool for children to use, while remaining out of reach when not in use.
  • Design includes a small loop to enable attaching to your keychain or diaper bag. OR, we love to store it in the side pocket of your car door, so it's easy to find.
  • Made in the USA. BPA Free.