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Car Seat System
Axkid Modukid

We know that no two families are alike. The busy schedule of parenting, however, is common to all. When developing the Axkid Modukid car seat system we had this in mind and thanks to its quick and easy installation, you will have more time for things that matter.

For Children From 0-4 Years

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Axkid Minikid



The rear-facing car seat Axkid Minikid, has been designed to provide the best possible safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear-facing for as long as possible.



From the first few months to 6 years

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Rear-facing car seats – the next generation’s future

Axkid car seats are developed based on the philosophy that children and their families should be able to travel and move about in the safest possible manner.  Regardless of which manufacturer parents choose, Axkid always puts children first and wants to protect as many children as possible on the roads. Axkid always recommends that your children travel rear-facing for as long as possible, up to a weight of 25 kg and preferably up to 6 years of age.


Rear-facing car seats reduce child injuries by as much as 90 percent. 

Axkid Minikid
Axkid Minikid
Axkid Big Kid
Axkid Modukid Infant
Infant Carseats
Axkid Modukid Seat
Axkid Seat protection
Premium Seat Protection
Axkid Angle adjusting wedge
Angle adjusting wedge
Axkid mirror
Baby Mirror
Axkid suncover

Rear-facing Swedish safety

We are a Swedish company with a passion for child safety on the roads. Our solution is rear-facing travel, for as long as possible. We believe that safety, comfort and training must be intertwined. Improved standards and greater awareness save lives.

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